Dear Reader,
Welcome to a new view of life: Boom with a View. We hope you will join us in reinventing the second half of life. Given the times we are in, Boom with a View is by necessity countercultural. It is a call to arms. It’s an invitation to advance with us into the new age ahead.

To help us chart the new territory we invite you to take the survey “Have you given up?” You may have seen this before….Twenty-seven years ago, in its October/November 1986 issue, Utne Reader published the survey, “Have You Given Up?” To take the survey, click here. We wanted to know what our readers—the cutting edge of America’s opinion leaders and social change agents—were thinking and feeling about some of the most important political, social, and cultural issues of the time.

Well, here we are again. This time we’d like to know how you and America have changed over the last three decades. We’ve reproduced the survey here, in its entirety. Amazingly, the vast majority of the questions are still relevant today. For the few that are dated, we include the original question, and offer a more contemporary alternative in its place.

Please complete the survey by September 1, 2013. We believe your responses will help us gain insight into your hopes and concerns. Your answers will help us make some meaningful generalizations about your hopes and concerns, and some some wildly speculative pronouncements about the times we are living in and where we’re headed. We’ll report back to you our findings in a future issue of Utne Reader and here at Boom With a View. To be notified as soon as results are in and to receive future posts, please subscribe to our site by clicking the Follow button (just under the Search box). It’ll be great having you with us as we advance into the new territory ahead.

Eric Utne & Jeri Reilly